Recover Nordic supports

UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

Recover Nordic supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We believe that our ability to deliver societal impact as well as resource efficiency, is vital to future-proofing the business and to the company’s long-term success.

The SDGs provide an effective framework to guide our priorities and is quickly becoming The global road map of sustainability and responsible business practices. By using the SDGs as our compass, we make sure that our priorities are aligned with the national and international agenda, and it enables us to communicate our sustainability and business strategy more effectively.

Recover Nordic wants to instil a culture emphasizing resource efficency and societal impact. We aim to inspire our people to always look for opportunities to increase our positive impact in society and to pursue growth opportunities decoupled from our carbon footprint. We believe that Recover Nordic´s long-term success depends on our ability to actively pursue a sustainability agenda integrated in our business stategy, implemented through a process of continuous learning and relentless execution.

Our sustainability agenda

Although we acknowledge the fact that all the SDGs are important and that the goals are interlinked, we have decided to focus our sustainability agenda on four of the sustainable development goals:

  • Climate action
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Gender Equality

This is based on an assessment of how Recover Nordic best could make an impact based on our current business areas and competency, as well as the global call for immediate action to combat climate change. Our priorities will change over time, and the current choice of goals signals a starting point in Recover Nordic’s concerted efforts to support the realization of all the 17 SDGs.

What does this mean to our current business priorities, and how will our sustainability strategy guide management decisions and concrete actions in our businesses?

SDG 13 – Climate action

Based on Recover Nordic’s extensive experience from the provision of damage control and environmental services in the Nordic region, we know the effects of increased precipitation and a more extreme weather. Climate change is real and presents Recover Nordic with an attractive opportunity to pursue high-impact projects. Our services already have a significant impact on people’s lives, by minimizing disruption and enable a quick return to everyday life after a flooding, fire or other unwanted incidents. This leaves the company in a strong position to increase the positive impact of our business by introducing new services related to the prevention and mitigation of risks associated with a more extreme and unstable climate. We work with our customers and strategic partners to develop new products and solutions to increase the resilience of our communities, as well as reducing the impact and the associated costs of climate change.

SDG 12 – Responsible consumption and production

Recover Nordic completes tens of thousands of projects annually. By moving away from the resource intensive model of “take, make, dispose”, to a model based on circular economy principles, our ambition is to significantly increase our resource efficiency and reduce the material footprint of our projects. We will do this by:

  • Reducing the need for new materials in the projects
  • Reducing waste in our projects
  • Increasing the use of recycled material
  • Championing the use of sustainable material and chemicals

Through our daily dialogue with our customers and end consumers, our people are the face of our business and important Recover Nordic ambassadors. This gives us a unique position to influence and nudge customers and consumers to make more conscious and responsible decisions on material use in their projects. Consequently, we believe that Recover Nordic in collaboration with our partners, has the potential to lead the way and to accelerate the transition to a more resource efficient society.

With more than a thousand vehicles in our fleet, our vehicles are a major contributor to the company’s carbon footprint. Consequently, the transition to low-emission vehicles has started and will be accelerated as soon as suitable all-electric and hybrid models are available, combining acceptable range and performance with sufficient payload. In parallel, we will continuously strive to educate and motivate our drivers to minimize fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

SDG 11 – Sustainable cities and communities

For the past 40 years Recover Nordic has been on duty 24/7 to serve families, businesses and local communities in need of immediate assistance to save assets of monetary and sentimental value, and to restore everyday life and operations. Through our industrial and environmental services we help to service and maintain important infrastructure in order to ensure the availability of fundamental community- and business services.

Based on our broad knowledge and experience, our people could be valuable contributors in the development, planning and implementation of sustainability strategies and climate risk and resilience initiatives in the cities and communities in the countries we operate.

We aim to actively participate in the dialogue between governments, municipalities, businesses and civil society, in order to effectively coordinate long-term planning, risk mitigation, emergency preparedness, -response and -recovery.

SDG 5 – Gender equality

As a forerunner in our industry, Recover Nordic strongly believe that we have a particular responsibility to provide equal opportunities and a balanced high-performing working environment by attracting, developing and promoting more female professional in our company and our industry.

Historically, our industry has been and still is, very male dominated except for in certain professions traditionally associated with female values. Recover Nordic’s ambition is to achieve gender parity across all professions and geographies, and promote people by merit, based on our belief that this is what will ensure true equal opportunities for all our employees.

Gender equality has always been a priority on the corporate agenda.

From strategy to execution

Recover Nordic challenges all its managers to analyze risks and opportunities related to the SDGs and to pursue the prioritized goals based on three perspectives.

1. We shall challenge ourselves, our people and our processes to limit the carbon footprint of our operations and always to look for opportunities to generate a positive impact and resource efficiency in everything we do.

2. We shall challenge our suppliers and strategic partners to work with us to improve resource efficiency, implement circular economy principles and limit the carbon footprint of our collaboration.

3. We shall challenge and collaborate with our customers to develop new products and service offerings to provide practical solutions to their sustainability challenges.