No. 1 leader for non-discretionary property remediation and environmental services in the Nordics

  • 2 800 employees
  • 180 branches
  • 120 000 yearly assignments

Nationwide damage control

Recover Nordic Denmark is on the scene within 60 minutes after receiving notice of damages, in any part of the country, 24/7 all year around. In Denmark alone Recover salvage valuables and manage damages in more than 16.000 incidents a year.


Recover Nordic Denmark

With more than 35 years of experience within the field of damage control and industrial services, Recover Nordic Denmark is a strong contender in the Danish market. Since the mid eighties, we have worked within the field of traditional damage control in cooperation with the country's largest insurance and industrial companies. Main business evolving around special cleaning of a wide range of production areas and machines. On land as well as off shore.

The main culture in the company is characterized by many years of experience, working with salvaging of valuables for civilians as well as for the public sector and private companies. A high level of professionalism, combined with a highly effective service are the key components in our attempts to get private homes and companies back to a normal situation - as fast as possible.



From damage control to rebuilding

Recover Nordic Denmark offers a wide array of services and in addition to handling "normal" water and fire damages in buildings we offer specialized services to cater for every need. All within the standards of Danish Industry/SBA Service Standard demands concerning certificates, quality environment, work environment, personnel policy, training and use of subcontractors. Some of the services we offer are, but not limited to:

  • Ship- and Offshore cleaning
  • Cleaning after pests
  • Desinfection of process- and laboratory facilities
  • Cleaning of tankfarms, silos and pipes
  • Ventilation cleaning
  • Rebuilding of damaged properties
  • Cleaning of construction sites
  • Cleaning of building facades and production halls in heights
  • Cleaning and disinfecting after pollution
  • Cleaning of foodmanufacturing and pharmaceuticals facilities
  • Cleaning of industrial kitchens
  • Cleaning of drain and sewers
  • Heavy duty washdown

Recover Nordic ApS has received

International standard ISO 9001

Recover Nordic has been certified in the international standard ISO 9001. The certification will cover out maritime and off-shore activities from Frederikshavn and Esbjerg.

Recover Nordic ApS has received