APRIL 17, 2020

Bjørn Herlofsen steps down as Group CEO

Recover Nordic, the leading Damage Control provider in the Nordics, today announced that after more than 5 years as Group CEO, Bjørn Herlofsen has decided to leave the position.

Bjørn joined Recover Nordic as CEO in January 2015 after more than 20 years in various leadership roles at ISS. Under Bjørn’s stewardship, Recover Nordic has expanded into Sweden and Finland, entered the Environmental Services market, completed more than 15 acquisitions which coupled with very strong organic growth, has led to a more than doubling of the company’s revenue.

‘I would like to thank Bjørn for his significant contribution to Recover Nordic. Under Bjørn’s leadership, Recover Nordic has significantly strengthened its position in the Nordic Damage Control and Environmental Services market. The company has established itself as the preferred partner for Insurance Companies across Scandinavia, strategically broadened its service offering and deepened its market leadership by being at the forefront of the industry developing of digital and sustainable business processes.’ Tore Thorstensen, Chairman of Recover Nordic, comments.

‘I would like to thank Recover Nordic’s employees, customers, suppliers and partners for the fruitful partnership over the past 5 years. I look forward to following the company’s continued success in further professionalizing the Nordic Damage Control and Environmental Service’, comments Bjørn Herlofsen.

Until Recover Nordic appoints a new CEO, CFO Finn Øistein Nordam will act as interim Group CEO. Finn Øistein will return to his position as Group CFO when a new CEO is appointed. Finn Øistein Nordam joined Recover Nordic as group CFO in May 2014. He has experience from various senior financial and managerial positions in leading Nordic companies including ABB and Kværner.

About Recover Nordic

Recover Nordic is the Nordic market leader in Damage Control and Environmental Services to insurance companies, business and consumers. Since its establishment as a standalone business six years ago, it has increased revenues threefold. Recover is a pan-Nordic operator with full national coverage in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Recover has more than 2,100 employees across the Nordics, operating from around 104 branches.

For any questions, please contact Finn Øistein Nordam at fon@recover.no